Stylish & Modern Penthouse in Stockholm

By : Mark V | 23 May 2015 2:12 pm | Apartments, Interiors

This amazing penthouse has such an interesting, contemporary interior design that we couldn’t help but present it to you. It is located in Stockholm, Sweden and it covers more than 200 square meters, having two roof terraces.

The core of the apartment is rendered by a spacious, sophisticated living room that encapsulates a welcoming dining zone, it has beautiful corner sofas and a fireplace that makes the entire area seem enchanted. Most materials used are natural, polished pine floors that seem to match the black painted ceiling beams.

The elements of décor are quite colorful and they create a warm contrast with the white walls and the best element in the house is a piano found next to one of the windows,making the penthouse impossible to be forgotten. The penthouse has a lot to offer,starting with the three bedrooms found inside and ending with the spectacular interior design.


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