Stunning Bahrain House project by MORIQ

By : Mark V | 21 Jun 2015 11:42 am | Featured, Homes

The interiors and design consulting firm of MORIQ located in Hyderabad, India designed the Bahrain House project, a home situated in Hamala, Bahrain.

Given the climate of the area, the house was built with comfort in mind at all times, thus the western part of the building is designed to protect the rest from the high summer temperatures with the aid of two roofs set in slopes.There is an extension on the other side which has extra bedrooms and this area is better suited for the colder seasons when the glass walls allow a great view.

The central part of the home is where the service rooms are placed while the bedrooms, lounge, bar and living room are on the sides to profit the most from the light and ventilation, and also from the wonderful outside landscape.

The upper level contains the primary bedrooms and the ground level is where the living area is located. There are two extra bedrooms, a gym and a swimming pool in the middle cellar, which were built as a sanctuary from the torrid days of summer. The cellar also had a home theater in project.

The interior is decorated with a lot of stone of different colors, predominantly white, and everything inside is designed as a minimalist example thus allowing the building to be the main character and giving the whole design a higher sense of unity.


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