Studio 128 in Poland

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Apr 2014 7:58 pm | Apartments

This small apartment in Poland is called Studio 128 and it offers a warm, stylish space with a comfortable ambiance in which every inch counts offering a lot of attention to details and a very well integrated interior.

Spreading over a surface of 34 square meters, there are mirrored walls with tree etchings to reflect the light and add an artistic touch to the area while also increasing the brightness. The mirrored walls also have a secondary purpose, acting as a boundary to separate the living area from the bedroom in a tasteful way.

The small bedroom is equipped with reading lamps and the walls are soundproof to ensure a good night’s sleep. The natural tone of the trees carries out through the rest of the apartment with a color palette in which green and brown predominate in combination with white to further expand the feeling of space and to add extra coziness.

The kitchen is quite large and there are woven pendant lights above the dining table to add an organic texture which works great with the wood grain cabinet fronts nearby.



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