Square Headquarters by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Sep 2014 2:38 pm | Offices

The new headquarters of the TEXTSquare company located in San Francisco, California was designed in 2013 by the architectural practice of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson as a way of holstering the transparent and open corporate culture while also remaining inside the framework of the company so that it can grow and adapt further.

The headquarters spread over a surface of 175000 square feet and over four floors that want to connect the Square brand’s functional levels into a contemporary design. The main office floor is extremely large and is inspired by urban planning with circulation routes that have their visual landmarks placed throughout to break down the large scale.

There is a central boulevard which is the access way to the main programs and there are communal tables for informal gatherings as well as a library, coffee bar and gallery. The individual departments were clustered around transparent glass cubes along each side of the boulevard and there are conference areas, meeting rooms and phone rooms created with glass storefronts integrated through the office.


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