Sportplaza Mercator by VenhoevenCS

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Jun 2015 1:51 am | Sport Arenas, Urban

The De Baarsjes neighborhood in Amsterdam hosts people from 129 different countries and this project was designed by the practice of VenhoevenCS as a means of improving the community’s life.

They created an attractive landmark with plenty of tempting options such as swimming pools, a therapy pool, fitness, aerobics, a sauna or steam bath and a party center. There is also a café and a restaurant in the plaza and the children can be hosted in a childcare area. Since diversity is the main feature of the neighborhood, the building also provides as much diversity as possible to try and offer something interesting to everyone.

The surrounding area is a park and a large building could have altered the landscape so as to make it much more urban than the inhabitants wanted and to solve this problem, the designers completely covered the building in vegetation. From afar you might feel you are looking at a hill until you spot the entrance. Inside, the building is made as a miniature city, with lines of sight and keyholes, multiple roof openings for the sunlight to enter and low window to offer a view of the street and terrace.



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