Soleta ZeroEnergy One by FITS

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 May 2013 6:56 pm | Homes

Located in Bucharest, Romania this combination of rustic design with state of the art technology is a part of the Soleta zeroEnergy initiative which tries to create homes that are self-sustainable.

The project is called Soleta ZeroEnergy One and is designed by FITS – The Justin Capra Foundation for Inventics and Sustainable Technologies, being the smallest model they have available with an interior surface of 48 square meters and a large exterior terrace.

This prototype is just one part of the Soleta family with different functionalities and sizes to adapt easily to different climates and conditions and even become offices or have other purposes.

The project offers an affordable home with very low running costs and energy consumption that tries to provide an alternative solution that has a benefic effect on the environment. The houses have a natural ventilation system with integrated forced ventilation, a thermal energy storage integrated in the floor, LED illumination and rainwater storage and treatment system.

There is also a smart energy, climate and ventilation monitoring system which is implemented to reduce the costs even further and it can even be controlled through a mobile phone or remote control. The heating and warm water are ensured through an array of different methods and the materials used in the construction are all natural, renewable and locally available.



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