Small Home With Smart Use of Space by Folk Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Aug 2013 4:32 pm | Interiors

This ingenious apartment was designed by the Folk Design studio in Taiwan and it tries to compensate the modest space available with clever storage tricks and furniture pieces.

Despite the space problems the apartment hosts a bedroom as well as an office with the aid of a Murphy bed hidden in one of the walls. The setting of the bed doesn’t require any furniture movement and the office is still functional.

The design is minimal so that useless decorations don’t overcrowd the space. Also through the use of clear lines and large windows the apartment becomes brighter and seems larger. The furniture and built-in shelves offer storage spaces and the table desk itself is a work of wonder due to its abundant hidden storage areas that can host a lot of items without appearing too big.

Due to the careful planning of the bedroom and office space the area even includes a black piano which contrasts the light wood surfaces on the walls and floor. The sliding doors give access to a patio and in front of the kitchen while also allowing more light inside and making the area seem larger.



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