Skyttelbron Bridge by Metro Arkitekter

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Aug 2014 1:42 pm | Bridges

Located in Lund, Sweden, the Skyttelbron Bridge for bicycles and pedestrians was designed by the practice of Metro Arkitekter over the railway tracks of the Central Station in the city to add to the already existing connections between the east and west side of the tracks.

The bridge connects the New City Hall to the station and its design features shades of gray, brown and green with a different color for each stair and platform to be seen from outside while also changing the way in which light filters through.

The designers wanted to use as few materials possible to ensure a minimalist aesthetic with colored glass, concrete and titanium zinc as the main choices. The budget was limited to 36 million SEK but the Municipality of Lund was very open to discussion about the choices so it proved to be sufficient.

The titanium zinc is a material that doesn’t require too much maintenance and it also met the Administration environmental requirements with the entire bridge built alongside the tracks and moved on site during nighttime.



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