Shun*Shoku Lounge by Kengo Kuma and Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jan 2014 6:37 pm | Other

Located in Tokyo, Japan, the Shun*Shoku Lounge is a creative space functioning as an information booth as well as a public relations informal office for the Gurunavi company which tries to establish connections between the top gourmet restaurants and people who are interested in exclusive and sophisticated culinary delights.

The project was designed by the Kengo Kuma and Associates architectural practice with an unconventional interior that reflects very accurately the ideals and values of Gurunavi offering an original approach to food education.

The entire space uses stacked plywood as the premiere material and it defines the interior space as well as the shelving units, stairs and desks for a stunning visual impact. Everything is made of raw stacked wood and the lounge offers the visitors fresh smoothies or healthy snacks.

The space is also active in the culinary education by hosting exhibitions focusing around rare ingredients or seasonal food to offer a complete array of services to those interested in new tastes.



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