Screen House by K2LD Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Dec 2013 2:30 pm | Homes

Screen House is a contemporary home located in Singapore which was designed by the K2LD Architects practice taking the proximity to the other houses into consideration.

The project spreads over 6350 square feet and incorporates a circular pavilion to make the façade softer and closer to the natural shapes while also responding to the colonial bungalow and the Cubic House next to the structure.

The entrance from the street side has several mature trees and the façade tries to blend with the natural landscape with a roof supported by several tall slender steel columns toward the street and projecting over the timber deck on the garden side. Timber screens were placed in front of the glass envelopes and the second level of the block adds warmth to the glass surface while also shielding the interior from direct sunlight.

The structure is comprised of several smaller volumes and planes of different materials like textured concrete, granite or timber cladding to blend in with nature and remind the inhabitants of the traditional Japanese aesthetic which they admire.



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