Santini Shoox by SHINE Architecture

By : Mark V | 22 May 2015 8:01 pm | Stores / Showrooms

SHINE Architecture together with Miguel Maestro designed a commercial space for the Santini Stores and they didn’t let out any bit of style while doing it.

Aiming more towards a classical approach when it comes to colors with the elegant combination of black and golden, the designers tried a more contemporary approach with the storefront, which is made out of undulating paper strips.

They also paid close attention to separating the style of the section for men from the section for the beautiful sex for which lighter colors were used and a brighter lighting. Also each store was taken as a separate project, so that there is always a new discovery in every one, and the furniture was also designed to fit the whole scale of the concept.

Another aspect taken into serious consideration was the use of energy that the project involved, and efforts were made to make the design as efficient as possible. Thus, around 80 percent of the materials can be reused and the illumination is based on LEDs together with a system for saving power. The floor is made out of stone or concrete, depending on the store but in either case the environment was taken into account.


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