Sandcrawler by Andrew Bromberg of Aedas

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Aug 2016 11:23 am | Offices

Lucasfilm Singapore opened their new regional headquarters with a design created by Andrew Bromberg of the Aedas architectural practice that has the shape of a horseshoe and was called Sandcrawler.

The animation company is owned by the Lucas Real Estate Singapore and the shape of the structure was chosen to comply with the zoning restrictions which required a set roof height and slope as well as elevations on each face.

The structure has large floor plates to host the animation teams and the building is lifted above the ground level so that it provides extra privacy to the employees. The glass structure offers an overview of the lush courtyard with a natural landscape providing a relaxing environment during breaks.

The office building has a private theater to enjoy the new creations with a capacity of 100 seats and it was placed in the center of the project since it is the place where they can see their work come to completion.



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