S House by Tanju Ozelgin

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Feb 2016 1:07 am | Interiors

Tanju Ozelgin designed the interior of the S House located in Istanbul, Turkey which combines the contemporary style with plenty of natural elements that is adapted to the owner’s needs and also acts as a complement to the surroundings.

The interior predominates in natural stone and wood textures which bring it closer to nature but also create an elegant setting through the incorporation of modern conveniences. Each floor has a different motif and due to the sloped site the entrance is located on the top floor which contains the bedrooms.

The middle floor is where the kitchen is located and the ground floor hosts the living area, which acts as a lounge area or home cinema, the steam room and a sauna. This floor also gives access to the patio outside and to the swimming pool.

The house features large windows to reduce the need of light and profit from the sunlight and the textures and materials make it always feel in touch with nature without reducing the comfort provided by modern furnishings.



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