Run Colors by mode:lina architekci

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Oct 2016 3:39 pm | Stores / Showrooms

Run Colors is a store in Poznan, Poland offering Nike, Adidas and New Balance shoes in a setting designed by the mode:lina architekci practice with a total surface of 110 square meters.

The project is in the Stary Browar shopping centre and it features the name and logo as the main themes throughout with shoelace as a source of inspiration since it is a distinctive part of the brand. With these ideas in mind, mode:lina created a multicolored installation that has colorful ropes and a prismatic shape hinting on the movements of a runner.

The ambiance is set by the dark grey walls and this neutral tone brings out the range of shoes and the colorful installation even more making them the central elements. There are dark grey painted antiques decorating the store and some old furniture acts as a counterpoint to the rope installation that also acts as a frame of the entire shop.



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