Richmond Firehall No.2 by HCMA

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Jul 2015 7:34 am | Other, Urban

Since the fire hall in Richmond, Canada was 40 years old, the city decided to replace it with a new one that is better adapted to the needs of the community and one that was also an iconic civic building through its aspect.

Designed by the architectural practice of HCMA in 2011, the Stevenson Fire Hall is on the site of the former one but an adjacent residence was also integrated into the new site. The new project hosts a hose-drying/training tower right next to the street intersection acting as a beacon; there are apparatus bays equipped with gear rooms and workshops allowing a glimpse of the hall from the exterior.

The work areas, offices, meeting room, captain’s office, day room and kitchen were placed further away from the street to provide privacy and less noise to the sleeping quarters. The dormitory and washrooms are placed on the second floor and there is also a fitness area here.

The project aims to receive a LEED Gold certification and it tries to incorporate a lot of sustainable elements such as the recycling and reuse of demolition and construction waste, the use of extensive green roofs and vertical green screens to reduce the heat gain, geothermal systems, radiant floor and hot water pre-heat systems and a lot more.



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