Ribbon Chapel by Hiroshi Nakamura

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Jan 2015 8:57 pm | Other

The Ribbon Chapel located on the site of a luxury resort in Hiroshima, Japan was designed by the architect Hiroshi Nakamura as a wedding chapel with a double spiral shape that is defined by two stairways leading to the top for a great view of the sea from the observation platform.

The project was created in 2013 and the exterior geometry is a way of referencing the celebration of marriage through the spiraling stairways that begin at two different locations and then end up as a singular structure.

The upper level has been landscaped with plants that work well with the skylight and glass windows set between the stairways for an improved connection between the interior and the outdoors as well as reducing the need for artificial illumination to a minimum. Glass is the main material on the ground floor to allow floor to ceiling views of the green expanses and the surface of the project is of 80 square meters, more than enough for its purpose due to the minimalist decorations.

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