Resturant Het Bosch by Jager Janssen and DREISSEN

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Sep 2014 10:55 am | Restaurants & Bars

The Het Bosch Restaurant located on the Nieuwe Meer lakeside in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a great project created by Jager Janssen in collaboration with the DREISSEN architectural practice with a design that faces the marina on one side and the lake on the other so the sides were adapted to their surroundings.

The side facing the marina is rougher and more rustic to integrate better with the boat hangar nearby, while the side toward the lake is more elegantly done with a horizontal layout that extends to encompass the view of the water.

The interior contains a lot of transparent surfaces to maintain a visual connection with the outdoors and the roof acts as an intermediary between the two facades, going from a triple pitched roof to a simple straight edge on the other side.

The interior layout was created to save sufficient space to include all the programs needed and the volume is lifted above the ground level to leave room for storage space below the restaurant.


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