Residential Building Zug Schleife by Valerio Olgiati

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Feb 2016 12:57 am | Other

Located in Zug, Switzerland, this residential building was designed by the architect Valerio Olgiati in 2012 with a geometry that alters the perception of space according to the movement of the sun while also giving the owners the impression of living alone.

From afar you might have problems determining the purpose of this structure due to the interesting design with elliptical openings and ornamental edges, but these also have a practical purpose, being used to generate a sense of distance while also preventing the neighbors from seeing into the other apartments.

The floor plans of the apartment have the living areas toward the west and the sleeping section with the home offices to the east with the bathrooms and wardrobes in-between them. The living rooms open into balconies and the outer walls were clad in glass panels that have the same color as the exposed red-brown concrete to create a contrast between the frailty of the glass and the solid composition of the concrete.



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