Red Bull Music Academy New York by INABA

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Jul 2015 1:31 am | Education

The Red Bull Music Academy was designed by the practice of INABA in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York and it occupies four floors of a vacant building transforming them into an exemplary learning environment with collaborative areas that make the traditional classrooms obsolete.

The interior has curved walls which create the space for each area and the entire project spreads over a surface of 38000 square feet with the ground level extending into a former warehouse and thus offering a complete view of the floor for the visitors.

There are specific activities for each area such as broadcasting, music production, performances or private workshops and the cellar level contains the recording studio toward the southern side and an open air patio toward the north. The higher floors offer eight music studio pods and each of them has large windows toward the interior as well as to the city skyline ensuring an open environment and a lot of natural light.

Designed as a place where learning and experimentation are at home the design encourages exchange of ideas and testing while offering the optimal conditions for creativity.



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