Your Rainbow Panorama by Studio Olafur Eliasson

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Jan 2014 1:56 pm | Other

Your Rainbow Panorama is a project designed by the Studio Olafur Eliasson on the top of the ARoS Aarhaus Kunstmuseum in Aarhaus, Denmark which is one of the largest art museums in northern Europe.

The project is a circular skywalk which managed to increase the attendance to the museum so that it became the second most visited museum in Denmark. According to the designer the purpose of the Panorama is to make you see the city through a different perspective, transforming it and changing its color so that it acts as an orientation tool which gives you different color zones.

The project also acts as a lighthouse, drawing the attention of the persons which are close to it and also working as a compass in time and space. The colors were chosen according to the museum collections so that you can see the city through the eyes of the modernist painters, changing expectations and moods and thus making each experience of the same become a new one.



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