Quinta dos Alcoutins by GGLLatelier

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Apr 2013 9:13 am | Homes

Called Quinta dos Alcoutins, this contemporary home was designed in 2011 by the practice of GGLLatelier and is located in the northern limit of the capital city of Lisbon, Portugal. The simple geometry and minimalism of the exterior hides the luxurious interior and the multitude of features that it includes such as a wine cellar, a home theater or a spa.

The site has an accentuated decline and the designers used a grey volume as a way of drawing the exterior spaces of the house and correcting the inclined terrain thus offering a better exposure to the natural light to the living areas. The white volume above it opens towards the garden and the swimming pool outside and is turned away from the exterior limits of the site.

The two volumes also define the interior areas, thus the grey one contains the complementary spaces and has a carved patio inside while the white volume has the main spaces and transparent walls towards the garden and pool. The grey volume has the shower room, the spa, the cinema room, the wine cellar and the garage while the white one includes the lounge, the kitchen, the library and the bedrooms. There is also a terrace on the rooftop that offers a view of the Golf-course nearby and of the Lisbon skyline as well.



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