Q1 Lounging Chair by ODESD2

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jan 2014 5:41 pm | Other

The Q1 Lounging Chair was designed by the Russian studio ODESD2 and it is inspired by the geodesic dome aesthetic which is completed with chair legs and a molded base that ensures the chair is very comfortable and functional.

The architect and designed Richard Buckminster Fuller created the spherical thin-shell structure used for the geodesic domes and they have the quality of being easy to create while also supporting a high load. The chairs implement these qualities while also being upholstered with felt to maintain a warm temperature and the chenille with flocking substrate ensure a comfortable rest.

The filling of the chairs is Hollowfiber, a synthetic eco-friendly material that, unlike the classical fillers, retains its shape. Due to its neutral colors and versatile shape, the chair can find its place in a public space as well as in a private residence just as easily adding a futuristic tone to the ambiance of the area.



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