Public Folly – Water Tower Renovation by META – Project

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Oct 2015 6:19 pm | Other

This project is the renovation of a dilapidated water tower in Shenyang, China and it was done by the META-Project research-design studio.

The tower is on the campus of a former military factory which was once one of the heaviest industrial areas of China and now its buildings can still be seen. The water towers are themselves a symbol of the industrial past of the area and they act as visual anchor points.

VANKE, China received the campus and it was transformed into the Blue Mountains residential project. The water tower was reinterpreted by the META-Project as an ambiguous object which they described as a “Public Folly” so that it is relevant only if you place it in a certain historical and spatial context.

The tower offers various functions, creating an artistic addition to the landscape, acting as an adaptive device which can recreate connections through the sides which were removed. The floating boxes on the tower light up during the nighttime making the tower unseen and giving the area a completely new look.



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