Pool Pavilion by GLUCK+

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Jan 2016 10:54 pm | Other

The Pool Pavilion is a recreational structure in Lake George, New York, USA which unites the disparate elements of the site and its shape is that of a landscape rift stretching and folding through a complex of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities that include a lap pool, a spa, sauna, outdoor play fields, terraces, a gym and even a theater. The only vertical element of the design is the two floor office.

The project was designed by the architectural practice of GLUCK+ with materials that try to reflect the nature surrounding it such as the locally sourced bluestone walls, the copper cladding or the green roof.

The designers also opted for sustainable elements and thus there are overhangs to protect from direct solar heating, inverted planes of white fabric on the ceiling to allow as much natural light as possible throughout, sod roofs and buried program space to add thermal mass and thus reduce the heat exchange and the green roof also adds insulation and reduces the storm water running off.



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