Plus Energi Headquarters by GPP Arkitekter

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Nov 2013 9:37 pm | Offices

The GPP Arkitekter practice designed the new Plus Energi Headquarters for SydEnergi in Vilsundvej, Esbjerg, Denmark which is a setting where the countryside and the urban life meet being next to the largest land art monument called “The hill of light”.

The design is simple and round to take advantage of the landscape and there is a large atrium in the center offering enough light and ventilation for the offices. There is a large reception area and showroom for the visitors and they give access to the entire building through the atrium.

The first three floors combine single and multiple workspaces with several departments that provide meeting and relaxation areas while the top floor hosts the panoramic cantina, a lounge and a meeting area. The roof is where a garden can be found spreading over a surface of 1000 square meters with an aluminum ring and glass to protect it from the wind.



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