Plaza Athénée Bangkok Royal Suites

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Apr 2014 3:03 pm | Interiors

The Plaza Athenee Bangkok hotel has four Royal Suites with a timeless aesthetic and contemporary functionality, making them ideal for the international travelers wanting something more than a simple hotel room.

The Hotel is a part of the Royal Meridien Hotel chain and the four rooms were created to offer unique comfort facilities with a combination of Thai luxury and modern cutting-edge features. Each suite wants to make the inhabitants feel like royalty and the golden tones predominating remind us somewhat of the splendor of the baroque but they also immediately bring us back to present when combined with contemporary commodities such as a flat screen TV, WiFi/LAN and feature bathrooms.

Each suite recreates a different décor in order to suit a larger variety of tastes, so the Royal Pimai Theme Suite was inspired by the Pimai Temple of the 10th century created during the Khmer Dynasty. The Ruern Thai Theme Suite recreates the Thai houses from the Ayudhya period, the Virmarn Siam Theme Suite is inspired by the summer palace of King Rama V combining European and oriental elements and the Ratanakosin Theme Suite is inspired by the Bangkok created by King Rama I at the beginning of the Chakri Dynasty.



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