Planalto House by Flavio Castro

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Oct 2013 3:26 pm | Homes

Planalto House located in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a residential project designed by the architect Flavio Castro with two perpendicular volumes defining the functions of the home and the rest of the area.

The upper floor is where the private section of the house resides in the shape of a rectangular prism occupying only a half of the surface while the rest is left for recreation and landscaping. The main floor has another rectangular prism that hosts the social and service areas of the house.

The main access to the house is done through the front overhang on the ground floor and this leads to a corridor that links the various sections together and leads to the social rooms designed as an indoor pavilion and extending to the barbecue area.

The garden terrace is accessed through a staircase from the recreation area and it covers the garage and recreation area while also having multiple purposes.



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