Pingtan Art Museum by MAD

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Sep 2016 2:58 pm | Museums

The MAD architectural practice designed this artificial island hosting an art museum in the caves below the dune-like exterior.

The project is located in a reservoir of the Pingtan Island in the Fujian province of China and there will be a narrow bridge offering access to the Art Museum. The dunes are made from concrete and they provide curved public spaces above on the rooftops while the interior is similar to that of a cave.

The concrete walls will have a mixture of local sand and shells to create a grainy texture that is closer to nature and the project tries to connect the beach, the oasis and the slope into a single structure.

Spreading over a surface of 40000 square meters the Pingtan Museum will be the largest private museum in Asia and it will host over a thousand Chinese artworks while also being the center for a new city on Pingtan which is currently being planned.



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