Photo Loft by Rad Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Nov 2014 1:10 am | Apartments

The Photo Loft was named this way because it is inhabited by a photographer and it is located in Toronto, Canada, featuring an interior created by the Rad Design studio that completely demolished and rebuilt the project.

The extensive renovation contains custom shelves and displays to exhibit the extensive antique camera collection of the owner as well as his books. The predominant materials inside are reclaimed wood and metal to combine a warm tone with industrial features.

The bedroom has the bed apparently floating above the ground due to a small black platform which was created for the space and the kitchen and bathroom are the most contemporary areas of the design with a completely white island and cabinetry that add a contrasting touch to the otherwise vintage looking setting.

As you would expect from a photographer, most of the decorative elements are photos and they bring an extra touch of personality into the space as well as more color to a predominantly neutral ambiance.


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