Personal Tree Top Studio by Max Pritchard

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Feb 2015 1:06 pm | Other

The architect Max Pritchard created a personal studio for his practice in Australia with an interesting timber structure that was preferred instead of extending a heritage listed elevated steel and glass house that was 25 years old.

The garden structure spreads over two floors and has the shape of a tower with a circular shape covered in plywood sheets and hardwood battens on the jolts to express the timber frame of the building. The interior repeats the pine plywood and hardwood touches with an opening that offers a view of the tree tops nearby and sea in the distance for a very relaxing shelter.

The sloping site permits access to the studio through a timber deck bridge with a path leading to the house as a great vantage point. The interior has an overhanging roof tor shading with louvers that allow natural ventilation and a custom made work-table sits in the center.


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