Peres Center for Peace by Studio Fuksas

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jan 2014 5:33 pm | Other

Studio Fuksas designed the Peres Center for Peace in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Israel which is an independent non-governmental organization founded by Shimon Peres trying to improve the relations between the Middle-Eastern countries to build a peaceful co-habitation through the socio-economic cooperation and development.

The building has several layers representing time and patience with alternating materials to remind of the former suffering through which the places passed. There are alternating superimposed types of sand and aggregate with concrete and a stone basement which raises the building.

There is a meeting place with two staircases leading to a bright place of rest to act as a meditation spot and also a place where you can gather your strengths and look upon the sky with an optimistic attitude. The center features various peace-building activities concerning with the fields of agriculture and water, business and economics, civil leadership, community programs for the city, culture, healthcare, social media and sports.



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