Pedestrian Footbridge by Bar Orian Architects

By : Mark V | 19 Jun 2015 5:07 pm | Bridges, Infrastructure

A new design contest was held for a future pedestrian footbridge in the city of Be’er Sheva in Israel and the ones who won the competition were the people from Bar Orian Architects. The bridge will be a standpoint in the urban development of the city and will act as a link between the university and the industrial zone that is meant to have a futuristic aspect.

The climate is a major problem in this area so this is why the architects chose a perforated steel cladding to offer shading and a ventilated space for the pedestrians. The Bar Orian Architects will work in collaboration with the structural engineers from Rokach-Ashkenazi Engineers &consultants and the estimated cost of this project is around 4,000,000 USD and the year of completion is 2013.

The structure spans 180 meters over the train station. The support is achieved with the help of the unusual shape of the structure, that of an ellipse. Although it has a futuristic design, the double curve of the eye like structure is inspired from traditional bridge design.

The structure is doubled in strength thanks to the bending of the “eyes” towards each other. The dynamic vibe that you get when you look at the structure is rendered by its undulating shape.

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