Pagliacci Pizza by Floisand Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Apr 2014 2:52 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Pagliacci Pizza is a restaurant renovated in 2013 by the Floisand Studio and it is located in Seattle, Washington transforming a two floor duplex and leaving the delivery kitchen next to it still functional during the construction.

Spreading over a surface of 2100 square feet, the restaurant has a low slanted canopy at the entrance to ensure shading and it also adds a contrasting element to the high ceilings inside. The western side takes care of the bright sunlight through operable louvers and the roof hosts several solar panels incorporated into the design which can be seen through the skylight inside the main entrance.

The interior uses Valentino marble, oak boards and steel lines on the walls as the predominant materials and the furniture is composed of custom stained oak and steel benches with white backrests and the main table also has a stained oak top and camshafts from a marine diesel engine as legs.



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