P-901 by Craft Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Sep 2013 11:22 am | Featured, Homes

P-901 is a private residence designed by Craft Arquitectos in Bosques de Las Lomas, Mexico City, Mexico and it spreads over a surface of 2530 square feet offering a splendid interior with a warm palette and a contemporary design.

The designers focused on the integration of movement spaces, heights, materials and lighting into a whole which is very sleek but also highly functional.

The zones are fragmented by the solid blocks of variable height which define the areas into private and service areas as the restrooms or the storage spaces.  The illumination is subtle but efficient and with the aid of the bright and wooden surfaces it creates a warm and mysterious ambiance which is quite efficient.

The project uses materials such as wood, glass, stone and steel which are perfectly balanced to provide a bright and cozy ambiance which always maintains a connection to the city through the large windows. The view is itself an element which was taken into consideration during the design so that it is a part of the composition.



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