Oxymoron desk by Anna Lotova

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Jan 2014 4:37 pm | Other

The Oxymoron desk gets its name from the juxtaposition of two opposite materials that were joined together to add to the flexibility and functionality of this piece of furniture.

The desk was created by the Parisian designer Anna Lotova which is renowned for her innovative design elements and this one is no different. The edges of the desk are made of exposed plywood and there are two soft upholstered pieces of cushions between them to offer an original way of storing books, papers or other objects.

The desk comes with a task light that is also placed between multiple layers allowing it to gain extra flexibility so that it could move around the desk’s perimeter freely. There is an extension board for the desk so that it can increase the functional surface and although the desk might seem to have very little storage space, the cushions can hold a lot of items making it just as roomy as a desk with drawers but adding the extra points for style and originality.


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