Oriental Warehouse Loft by Edmonds & Lee

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 May 2016 5:41 am | Apartments

The Oriental Warehouse Loft is located in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco and was named thus because it occupies a former warehouse which was reconfigured by the local Edmonds & Lee architectural practice from an industrial structure into a vibrant and modern residential project.

The spaces inside are connected all the time with the aid of glass so that there is a glass wall in the bathroom and glass railings on the mezzanine offering a direct visual link with the living room below it. The same idea is used in the master bathroom which is connected with the bathroom through a sheet of transparent glass to allow views from and into the bathroom.

The design still maintains some of the industrial elements with the concrete wall and the raw timber beams that add warmth and beauty to the space and when they are combined with the contemporary works of art that adorn the interior the rooms receive their own individuality.



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