One27 Grovedale by Mick Rule and Craig Sheiles Homes

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Sep 2013 7:33 am | Homes

The One27 Grovedale is a demonstration home designed by the architect Mick Rule and located in Perth, Australia.

The design is inspired by the modern architecture from the middle of the last century and combined with the contemporary trends to create a bold geometry with a carefully planned finishing and palette. The materials combine into a soothing blend of textures and cubist shapes which are elegant and attractive.

The geometry of the building consists of intersecting and overlapping rectangular boxes that create a dramatic interior with double heights and an open plan. There is a staircase connecting the spaces together and each box has a zoned arrangement with the private and shared spaces flowing one into the other through the central void.

The living areas are designed to provide comfort and entertainment and they connect with the outdoors through large glass surfaces to integrate the nature outside. The house is oriented toward the north to allow the sunlight inside during the winter time.



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