One-Room Scandinavian Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Nov 2013 2:53 pm | Apartments

This interesting apartment offers a good example of the Scandinavian interior design with a single room that is separated into several areas to define the different sections of the loft.

The bright apartment features white walls and furniture and there are several rustic elements as well to create a warmer and cozier ambiance with the aid of the exposed wall or the dark wood flooring. The furniture is minimalist and there are some contrasting elements to create a balance in the interior.

Although there is a single room there are two levels since the sleeping area is accessed via a stairway right next to the entrance so that it doesn’t cover too much space and allows the existence of an additional storage area and office space beneath it.

The main area is the one where the living room kitchen and dining area are located comprising the majority of the apartment and allowing a bright and open floor space in which all areas communicate constantly with one another.



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