One Of A Kind Ukrainian Loft Apartment

By : Mark V | 7 Nov 2016 5:45 pm | Apartments, Interiors

The Ukrainian architecture studio 2B Group designed this lovely apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, a unique loft that can be very well considered a model for all designers out there since it pays incredible attention to details. The loft embodies different styles from the various materials used here with a perfect mix of textures, shapes and colors.

The interior design is made out of metal, exposed brick, wood, glass and concrete that created these spectacular lines. A green wall located in the dining room brings the nature indoors and a small terrace just above it contrasts with the modern mirror framed ray textured wall which features a TV and sound system. The kitchen wall has a very intricate design, with a concrete wine rack that seems to be “stuck” in the wall itself.

The bathroom has a playful colour pallete made of black and yellow elements of décor that are complemented by the presence of a red container. In order to reach the master bedroom you have to go through an office space and a second living space. The designs used for the children`s room and bathroom and joyful and daring, inviting children to play in a colorful environment.

Nothing seems out of place in this wicked apartment and the first thing you notice about the terrace is its spectacular rooftop that has beautiful floor lights. It is definitely a dream home since it captures so many styles as if it wants to make everybody happy.


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