Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava by Fischer Architects

By : Mark V | 2 Apr 2016 3:06 am | Indoor Arenas, Sport Arenas

The Ondrej Nepela Arena is a beautiful ice hockey stadium from Bratislava, that was renovated and extended by Fischer Architects in 2011 to host the 2011 ice hockey world championship. Since Bratislava is the seat of many aficionados of this sport, a stadium fit for them was long overdue.

The original stadium was built in the 1940s and was open, with a tribune made from wood. Step by step it was improved and extended, but a complete remodeling was still required for it to become the host of an international sport event. Its capacity needed to be of ten thousands and new installations were also necessary.

The façade was made of glass with the thought of illustrating ice in an original manner, and this frontal part is most evident during the daytime, while once night sets in, the illuminated interior becomes visible.

The interior is split into several floors and the main hall was designed with multiple purposes in mind thus having retractable tribunes. The entrance stairs for the public are descending from the first floor to allow the spectators to their seats, and are mobile, so that they will occupy the space only when it is needed, the rest of the time being suspended to open up more space.

With all the functionality it offers, this stadium was the host of the international ice hockey world championship in 2011, and will probably see plenty more events in the future.

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