Olympia Center Penthouse by jamesthomas

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2013 5:52 pm | Apartments

The Olympia Center Penthouse is a conversion of two units into a single cohesive one and it was carried out by the jamesthomas design studio which implied a lot of structural changes, space planning, interior decoration, custom-designed furniture and art procurement.

The penthouse now features three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a total size of 4400 square feet with a foyer, office and recreation room as well. The combination of the two apartments into a single one provided a lot of space and it now received a completely new identity with a neutral palette and a minimalist design in which the predominant tones are brown and beige.

The bright interiors are warm and cozy and they also provide a beautiful view through the large windows that can be found in each room. The spaces communicate with one another and create a larger cohesive whole with a lot of custom features.



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