Odette Winery by Signum Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jan 2015 9:00 pm | Other

The Odette Winery designed by the practice of Signum Architecture is the third winery of the Plumpjack group and it is located in the Napa region of California, USA, offering a feminine aesthetic that visually represents the elegance of the wines produced here.

The facility has an exterior with sweeping lines reminiscent of a swan’s wing and the name comes from a ballet character by Tchaikovsky. The natural environment communicates well with the façade due to its organic shape and the semi-transparent encasing.

The hospitality facilities that were on the property resemble the shapes of the new project and the footprint is round, being integrated into the natural cove created by the hills. Three of the sides are below ground level and the green roof seems pushed up to give shape to the perforated aluminum screen at the front of the facility. The project uses three repurposed shipping containers for the office areas and aside from sustainable techniques of wine production the design itself received a LEED Gold qualification.


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