NTFSH Gymnasium by QLAB

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Nov 2015 8:12 pm | Education

The National Tainan First Senior High School (NTFSH) Gymnasium was designed by the architectural practice of QLAB in the Educational District of Tainan, Taiwan next to the National Cheng-Kung University, the University off Tainan and other landmarks with which the project has to interact through its design.

The gymnasium hosts two international-standard basketball courts, another outdoor basketball court, a fitness center, a table tennis room and a martial-arts dojo. The Sports Hall has 1800 seats and it is equipped with a high tech control room and a VIP lounge.

The project also houses several classrooms and due to the large number of long-span spaces that the building will host the designers used a creative structural system in which the building acts like a bridge on all of the four sides of the elevation so that they lift and support the load of each of the floor slabs without the need of a middle column.



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