New Theatre in Santa Maria Port by Daroca Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Jul 2016 9:36 am | Other

The New Theatre in Santa Maria Port was designed by the practice of Daroca Arquitectos in 2007 and it is located in Plaza del Polvorista, El Puerto, Cadiz, Spain in a venue chosen by the city.

The intervention purpose of the building was a Cavalry Barracks and its bricks carved in lime and oyster stone were preserved with the intervention inserted into a container so that the old and the new architecture coexist to give room for the venues and the scene.

The hall has a capacity of 600 spectators and it connects through a slope with the intermediate levels where the lobby and foyer are located. A second inclined plan gives access to the controle plane cabins and to the utility areas where the light and sound controls are located in the back of the room.

The renovation introduces a new stage space which reuses the old enclosure for service units and between the interventions are the hallways and foyer with the access areas and stairs connecting the different programs together.



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