New Concordia Wharf Apartment by Inside Out Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jan 2015 7:00 pm | Apartments

This apartment is built in the place of a former Grade II listed warehouse dating from the 19th century and it is located close to the old Bermondsey Docklands of London, England, featuring a design created by the Inside Out Architecture practice.

The interior was restored to bring out the industrial charm while also incorporating the contemporary technology and large windows for the needed natural light. The wooden beams and ceiling was left exposed as well as the brickwork for a warm and highly textural ambiance complemented by metallic tones for a rich setting.

The steel boxes spread through the apartment house the wiring and illumination elements, while the cast iron columns divide the functions of each area. The bedrooms were hidden behind a partition and are accessible via sliding doors to allow the brickwork to go through the entire loft unhindered as a protective case that brings warmth and safety to the inhabitants.


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