Nescio Bridge by Wilkinson Eyre Architects Ltd

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Dec 2014 7:43 pm | Bridges

The Nescio Bridge located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands was designed by the practice of Wilkinson Eyre Architects Ltd in collaboration with the ARUP engineering team and it is the first suspension bridge in the country, crossing over the Rhine canal at a height of 10 meters above the water level.

The designers wanted to impact the region as little as possible so the ecological habitat was taken into consideration. The height of the bridge is also a way of ensuring that the commercial boats can pass unrestricted through the waterway.

The main purpose of the bridge is to allow cyclists and pedestrians to pass across the canal in the new Ijburg suburb. The single cable structure curves to the natural course and it splits in two at the ends to allow a different pathway for the cyclists and pedestrians as well as to improve the sturdiness of the structure. The bridge has 220 meters in length and it is equipped with tuned mass dampers to prevent wobbling.


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