Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2016 1:01 am | Stadiums

Located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium was designed by the Architectural Design Associates Ltd & Dominic Bonnesse Architects overlooking the North End Lake.

The stadium is one of the three coastal stadiums built for the FIFA World Cup of 2010 and it also hosts a rugby union, soccer matches and concerts. The capacity of the stadium if of 48459 seats and it was designed as a part of the National Construction Week Program in 2006 which was organized by the Department of Public Works.

The roof structure of the project is unique being reminiscent of a flower with the white “petals” that surround it and this is why it was nicknamed “The Sunflower”. There are six levels and it has a height of approximately 40 meters with three entrance gates on the north, south and east side.

The material of the roof is a combination of aluminum cladding and a membrane material with piles that have a total length of 21000 meters. The local building industry had a lot to gain from the construction of the stadium since 6800 jobs were created for the development creating a social and economic boost to the region.



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