National Theater of Equatorial Guinea by Independent Architectural Diplomacy

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Jun 2016 7:19 am | Other

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest countries in Middle Africa spreading over only 28000 square kilometers and the city of Oyala has been chosen to become the capital of the country not only from a political point of view, but also as a symbol of its tradition and culture.

The Independent Architectural Diplomacy practice designed the National Theater of Equatorial Guinea as a representation of the Guinean culture that can create an international impact and which also tries to give a glimpse of the problematic socio-economic hierarchy that is present in the country.

The project has a complex and dynamic geometry inspired by the moon with curves rising from the nearby landscape and delineating the dual nature inherent in the design. The building has a public entrance, the main hall, an auditorium, a stage and the technical areas have been embedded into the tectonic mass below.


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