National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra by Konior Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Dec 2014 2:26 pm | Other

The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra was designed by the Konior Studio in 2014 in the city of Katowice, Poland in a region that used to be a post-mining wasteland that went through the most extensive revitalization project in the country.

The master plan wanted to redirect the abandoned site toward a cultural purpose since such an attempt would stimulate the entire region. The international competition for the design of the NOSPR Project was won by the Konior Studio with a minimalist design that transforms two of the squares into public spaces with a park landscaped with fountains, musical toys, a maze and an amphitheater.

The façade is a brick monolith with cuts for the entrances and windows made of a rough terracotta material brought from local sources. The burning of the material was done by modern standards so the durability achieved was much higher and the 80 external brick chimneys ensured perfect acoustics inside.

The workplace of the orchestra is comprised of over 400 rooms such as a chamber hall, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, recording studios, a canteen and even a small hotel, while the atrium is a multi-purpose space with an 1800 seat concert hall.

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