Nanterre Apartment Blocks by X-TU

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 May 2013 1:27 pm | Urban

The Nanterre Apartment Blocks feature an original design by the architects Nicolas de Mazieres and Anouk Legendre from the X-TU studio.

Their project makes use of the principles of volumetric forms in order to create a true architectural language, one that deconstructs the urban terraces in order to provide a strong vertical fragmentation. The south façade has large openings of up to ten meters and the volumes are vertically split through planted breaks to offer spaces that organize the ground plan and offer transparency. The south façade is also glazed to offer ventilation in summer and a glasshouse during winter, and the assembled volumes make up a fragmented landscape that is reminiscent of the tetris blocks.

The project provides loggia-glasshouses which increase the surface area of the apartments and also allows them to have a sound and wind protection during winter. This solution also permits the inhabitants to experiment with their individual crops and allow an extra transition area.



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